Inquisitive Minds Enjoy Ask: Ask Magazine Subscription for Kids Ages 7-10

Ask Magazine

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Ask Magazine, for kids ages 7-10, is one of several kids educational magazines by Carus Publishing (see our review of Muse Magazine). Ask’s articles focus on arts and sciences, answering questions a grandchild might ask (for instance, Why do we sleep?), in articles that are in-depth and appropriate for kids this age. The Case of the Disappearing Bees, an article appearing in the September 2008 issue, discusses the current crisis that is stumping beekeepers and scientists, and scaring farmers, food manufacturers and all of us who eat the crops bees have always dutifully pollinated. The article’s content is challenging, yet not over the top. An adult would probably need to read along with a 7 or 8 year old, and a 9 or 10 year-old would enjoy reading and learning on their own. Another great article, titled, Say Cheese! The Science of Smiling, discusses the many types of human smiles, as well as those of some animals, such as monkeys. Ask Magazine also includes shorter news stories, called, Scoops, as well as comic strips, contests and letters. A subscription to Ask Magazine makes a great year-long birthday or holiday gift idea. Stay tuned for reviews of more great kids magazines, such as: Babybug Magazine for infants to 3 years; Ladybug Magazine & Click Magazine for ages 3-6; Spider Magazine and Appleseeds for ages 6-9; and Cricket Magazine, Dig Magazine (all about archaeology!), Faces Magazine (about people, places and culture), and more, for ages 9-14.


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