Think It Ink It Creative Writing Kits for Kids: They Can Publish their Own Storybook!

Think It Ink It Creative Writing Kits

$9.95 & up at Think It Ink It Publishing

Think It Ink It creative writing kits for kids are like mini creative writing courses, with tools and templates to help your grandchild get the juices flowing, while gaining a sense of completion and satisfaction as they literally publish their own storybook. Choose from four professionally illustrated wordless picture books — with illustrations that are playful and colorful, and that invoke a sense of wonder. The kit includes a sticky-note pad and pencil for the budding author to write a rough draft of the copy to accompany the illustrations and complete their storybook. There are also plenty of helpful tips for the child authors, as well as for adults who may be helping them. The first two pages of each book are instructions that can be read by your grandchildren or can be read aloud to them. They mainly consist of questions to assist with the creative process. For example, in Phase I, or the “Think It” phase, they may want to ask themselves: Who are the characters in the story? What are their names? What happens in the story? How does the story end? In Phase II, or the “Ink It” phase, they can begin writing or dictating their story onto their sticky notes, which then get placed on the appropriate pages with corresponding illustrations. There are similar questions they should ask themselves to guide them in the writing process, such as: What is happening in this picture? Then what happened? And, so on. Finally, in Phase III, or the “Publish It” phase, there are two options for publishing the storybook. One way is for your grandchild (or a helpful adult) to write, or “ink” the story directly into the template book, where the book’s title and author’s name can be written on the front cover. That is how it works if you purchase one of the Think It Ink It kits for $9.95. Or, for a more professional look, and for $29.95, their story can be written online via the company’s website, and then published into a custom hardcover book that includes the author’s photo and bio on the back cover. Either option makes a wonderful gift and a definite keepsake to mark another step in your grandchild’s understanding of the creative process and the power of words.


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